A Peek Into the Ammonium Bicarbonate Market

Previously, we dealt with the sodium bicarbonate compound. For this week’s discussion, the chemical product ammonium bicarbonate will be discussed. Similar to sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate also functions as a raising agent. Ammonium bicarbonate is an ammonia containing salt that decomposes at low temperatures to liberate out ammonia, water and carbon dioxide. It is also known as baker’s ammonia.

ammonia biscuit

Ammonia Biscuit


Baker’s ammonia is made simply by reacting carbon dioxide with ammonia. Due to its thermal instability, ammonium bicarbonate is stored in a cool and dry place. Usually, ammonia is stored as ammonium bicarbonate which can simply react with a base to liberate ammonia. One of its advantages is that it does not liberate any pungent smell. Baker’s ammonia sometimes is the preferred leavening agent as it produces a light, fluffy and crispy texture of bread.


Banh Tieu
Banh Tieu, a Vietnamese Donut made with Ammonium Bicarbonate


The ammonium bicarbonate market can be divided into upstream and downstream levels. The former refers to the sourcing and extraction of raw materials to industrially produce the ammonium bicarbonate. The latter is typically defined as the actual sale of the product or further processing of the product to its final phase where it will be ready for sales. From the upstream standpoint, the prices of the raw materials i.e. carbon dioxide, water and ammonia are stable. A constant supply of the raw materials are also available and the production capacity of the manufacturers is unaffected as well. The same is observed for the downstream level – the demand for ammonium bicarbonate is stable. Based on these current market trends, the ammonium bicarbonate market will be stable hence implying that its price will be stable in the coming months or even for the coming years.


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