Ethers and its uses

Ethers area unit a category of organic compounds that contain associate ether group an chemical element atom connected to 2 alkyl group or aryl teams. they need the overall formula R–O–R′, wherever R and R′ represent the alkyl group or aryl teams. Ethers will once more be classified into 2 varieties: if the alkyl group

Vacuum Distillation

Vacuum distillation could be a technique of distillation performed beneath reduced pressure. like distillation, this method separates compounds supported variations in boiling points. this method is employed once the boiling purpose of the specified compound is troublesome to realize or can cause the compound to decompose. A reduced pressure decreases the boiling purpose of compounds.

The Modernization of Chemical Plants

We all are aware of the industrial revolution. Our research was to learn that Sulfuric Acid was one of the first chemicals to be produced in large quantities through an industrial process. By the 19th century, there was an impressive expansion in this field, especially in the US and Germany. Artificial agricultural products, as well

Aromatic compounds

Aromatic compounds

The name ‘aromatic’ comes from the characteristic odor or ‘aroma’ of benzene-like compounds. Aromatic compounds are : 1) The structure must be cyclic, and contain some conjugated bonds. 2) Each atom must have an unhybridized p orbital. 3) The unhybridized p orbitals would overlap to form a continuous ring of parallel orbitals. This is usually

Oxalic Acid : Good or Bad?

Oxalic Acid : Good or Bad?

Leafy greens and other plant foods are very popular among health-conscious. Many of these foods contain an antinutrient called oxalate (oxalic acid). This article is about oxalate and its health effects. What is Oxalate? Oxalic acid is an organic compound found in many plants.These include vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, cocoa, nuts and seeds.In plants, it’s

Chemicals used in daily life

Baking powder (NaHCO3) : Sodium bicarbonate is used for baking for cooking.It releases CO2 in reaction with other ingredients. Soap : Esters are used for bathing and washing clothes. Detergent (Sodium sulphate, sodium hydroxide and phosphatecompounds) : Used for washing clothes. Toothpaste (Calciuym carbonate, sodium flouride) : Used for cleaning teeth while brushing. Salt (NaCl)

Petrolium Refinning

Petrolium Refinning

Petroleum processing processes square measure the chemical engineering processes and different facilities employed in crude oil refineries (also stated as oil refineries) to rework crude into helpful merchandise like liquefied crude oil gas (LPG), gas or gas, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel and fuel oils. Petroleum refinement processes square measure the chemical engineering processes and

Importance of bleaching chemicals in global economy

Importance of bleaching chemicals in global economy

Bleaching chemicals are oxidizing agents used for numerous applications such as stain removal, disinfecting textile material and water, deodorizing, effluent control etc. Bleaching chemicals finds application in sectors such as textile, pulp & paper processing, water & wastewater treatment, hospitals, laundries etc. Though bleaching chemical is an industrial products, they have gained importance in various

Green Chemistry Is Taking off in the Global Economy

Green Chemistry Is Taking off in the Global Economy

Green chemistry is just a different way of thinking about how chemistry and chemical engineering can be done. this products are being increasingly demanded around the world. green chemistry will rapidly outpace the rate of growth in the global chemical market and Various hazardous substances are increasingly being phased out in favour of safer alternative


Quick lime, chemically known as calcium oxide (CaO), is a commonly used chemical compound. It exists as a white crystalline solid. Quicklime is manufactured from the calcination of limestone which is the thermal decomposition of limestone, which contains calcium carbonate. Calcination of limestone is executed by heating the material to a high temperature of above 825°C.

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