Applications of Acetic Acid


Applications of Acetic Acid


Acetic acid has a many uses which is thus largely produced around the world at 6.5 million tonnes each year. Being an indispensable chemical reagent in the industrial process, acetic acid is commonly used to manufacture cellulose acetate in the film industry and polyvinyl acetate in wood glues.

In chemical terms, acetic acid has molecular formula, H3CO2H. It can also be recognized as ethanoic acid or methanecarboxylic acid which exists as a clear, colourless liquid with a strong smell.

For acetic acid with no water content is also known as Glacial Acetic Acid or anhydrous acetic acid. Acetic acid can be used varying concentration to suit its purpose. These varying forms of acetic acid can be bought from reliable chemical trading supplier such as Tradeasia International Pte Ltd that can assist you to choose the adequate type of acetic acid for your needs.


Popular uses of acetic acid include:

  1. As a solvent for a multitude of industrial process
  2. Used as an active ingredient in fragrance and perfumes
  3. Used in the production of synthetic fibres and textiles
  4. To make ink and dyes
  5. Manufacturing of rubber and plastics

Specific areas where acetic acid is used:


Medicinal Industry

Acetic acid in the form of vinegar has been used since early times as a form of food preservatives. Moreover, it has been used to soothe sunburnt skin and cure one from jellyfish stings. It is an effective tool for cervical cancer screening and has recently been used to prevent the likelihood of diabetes.

Health and Hygiene

Due to it’s actibacterial properties, acetic acid is usually added in hair conditioner and detangler and natural deodorant.

Household cleaning

Acetic acid in the form of white vinegar is used in a variety of cleaning tasks from removing smears and streaks on mirrors to descaling coffee making machines because of its environmentally friendly cleaning properties Furthermore, it can be used to remove urine odours and pet stains and is extremely effective against the build up of mould.

Food Flavouring

Acetice acid is used to produce pickles as a condiment and flavor enhancer, preserve vegetables like beetroot, manufacture mint sauce and production of sushi rice.

Acetic acid can exists in various forms like malt vinegar, white vinegar, wine vinegar, cane vinegar and palm vinegar.

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