Impact of acids and bases in daily life

Impact of acids and bases in daily life

Acids and bases are very essential to human body. Acids affects daily life because it plays a role in many reactions, from digesting food to cleaning soap scum off a shower wall.Acids and bases function to balance pH levels in the body. Acids have a pH less than 7.0 and bases have a pH greater than 7.0. Substances with pH of 7.0 are said to be neutral.

We would not be able to digest food without the acid produced by specialized cells in the stomach. The acid breaks down large molecules into smaller so that they can be absorbed or eliminated. The blood must also maintain a certain pH for us to stay healthy.

Sour foods taste that way because of their acidity.Oranges, Vinegar and lemon juice are among the many foods with acidic pH levels.

Many of the chemical reactions that occur while cleaning are also the work of acids and bases.Drain cleaners and oven cleaners, among other cleaning products, are bases. Toilet-bowl cleaners are also acidic. The acid in these cleaners also helps break down mineral deposits.

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