Importance of chemicals in food industry


” Nothing is more important to humans than food 

Just think about the population of the world growing day by day which is increasing the demand for food. To worsen this case, farm lands have reduced. Further now-a-days people don’t just need food, they need “Quality Food”. This is the point where chemicals have entered the food industry to resolve the problem.

 Chemicals in food ?? 

Yes, they have ensured that you receive your daily meal on your table the way you expect the quality to be, inspite of increasing demands. It can be in food in some of the below forms,

  • Preservatives
  • Anti oxidants
  • Sweeteners
  • Food colourings
  • Food acids
  • Flavouring agents
  • Emulsifiers
  • Stabilizers

Why do we need chemicals in food industry??

To preserve your food

What is the point in having the tastiest food manufactured that perishes before it reaches your consumer

  • Preservatives prevent spoiling by controlling the micro organism growth in food
  • It is essential for products that need to be transported to retail sites far away or need to be stored at a place as inventory

Commonly used preservatives include,

o   Calcium propionate

o   Sodium nitrate

o   Sodium benzoate

o   Calcium Sorbate

To enrich it with Anti-oxidants

  • Anti-oxidants in foods acts as preservatives by inhibiting the effect of oxygen so that it doesn’t become rancid.
    • They are primarily added to oils, cheese etc.                                                     Preservatives

To provide artificial sweetness

Think of these whenever you feel a sip of your sweet coffee

  • Sweeteners don’t contribute to carbohydrates but provides only the sweetness that is required with zero calories, making it a perfect choice for diet concerned appetite.
  • It is used in the place of sugar and it will be way more sweeter than same quantity of sugar.                                                                              Antioxidant

To provide the perfect color for the food

To attract your customer’s attention & to kindle their favourite choice

It serves two purposes namely,

  • To attract the customers and to have a brand familiarity, in some cases.
  • To replace the color lost during preparation or it is added to increase its perceptiveness.

Food acids

They serve a wide range of uses namely,                         Sweeteners

o   Act as preservatives, anti-oxidants etc.

o   Alter the alkalinity of the food.


Commonly used food acids include,

o   Acetic Acid

o   Citric acid

o   Ascorbic acid

o   Lactic acid etc.

To add an extra flavor

Flavor creates a sense of nativity and attraction

  • They enhance the flavor of the food and gives particular smell or taste to it
  • Texture and flavor are important parameters to be taken care before you market your product


  • It is used to stabilize an emulsion
  • Commonly found in basic food items like,

o   Mayonnaise

o   Ice cream

o   Homogenized milk


  • Stabilizers, thickeners, gelling agents etc. gives food a good texture.
  • One of its use is in jam as it contains various components that need to be well mixed and stabilized to prevent from dis-integrating.

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