Important Aspects of chemical trading – quality and pricing


For a business to be successful, trust is an important factor.

How are the quality and pricing of chemical products related and affected by this factor?


Any person running a business firm, be it big or small, will expect the customer to continue to do business with him. So whatever strategy the person implements will all be with this expectation of trust.



  1. Quality of chemicals is very important.The purity of the chemicals need to be checked when they are sold. This would help to build up strong bonds with the customers.
  2. It is important to trade the best quality chemicals by choosing the right supplier for your chemicals.
  3. Be transparent in your dealings by listing the applications for each chemicals of specific purity.
  4. For a customer, a good quality chemical means that it will come with a ‘package’: it works efficiently and is safe to use, bring expected profits, meet the ever-changing market demands, shipped without difficulty, safe to use and is licensed.
  5. Quality helps in bringing home good return on investments. Check out heating and maintenance.
  6. Good Quality brings in more customers, more business and hence helps in gaining an edge over the other players in the market.




  1. Price is an equally important aspect in chemical imports and exports business.
  2. Prices of the product normally depends on the market demand, location, profit objectives you set, chemical stock market, cost of the raw material etc. Hence, it has to be reviewed constantly.
  3. Appropriate risk management strategies should be incorportaed as trading business involves a lot of risks.

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