Let’s talk about all of the palm oil-derived chemicals in October!


It is known worldwide that when it comes to palm oil, the first country that strikes in our mind is Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is the largest exporter of palm oil (immediately followed by Malaysia) along with other products like uncoated paper, soap, coconut oil, etc. Palm oil is the most common among the palm products.

But are you also aware that the high production of palm oil increases the by-products produced during the production process? Well, if we talk about by-products sometimes it could be related to waste or other useful derivative products. In the palm oil industry, the by-products produced could still be useful for many applications and industries. So why should we throw them away instead of promoting them for other applications?

Maximizing the applications of palm-derived chemicals product also extend the life cycle of the by-products and could enhance waste minimization which is very popular nowadays. Check out commercial locksmiths dublin.

Tradeasia promotes these palm-derived products such as Refined Glycerine, Hydrogenated Palm Stearin (HPS), Stearic Acid, and Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD) to customers worldwide and we will specially tell you more about these products in this blog.

So, this month we will inform you about the by-products of palm processing including the properties, production process, application, and other interesting information. We will also post more about this topic on all our social media platforms so make sure that you don’t miss any information!

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