Lysine in Animal

Lysine in Animal

Needs of protein nutrient in starter period are higher than grower and finisher phase. Protein is a macronutrient which cost a lot to fulfill with. Animal can not utilized protein by itself, it takes the digestion process in order to be absorbed by intestinal villi. Proteins are digested into amino acids and polypeptides so it can be optimally absorbed. Protein may experiences internal disturbance by the process of digestion, one of the cause is the result of existence protease inhibitor. At the end, the need for amino acids in the body becomes cannot be fulfilled optimally.

Lysine is one of the essential amino acid that is required for livestock. Lysine is a white crystalline powder which is added to animal feed in order to improve nutrients value in feed, especially for swine and poultry. Lysine is mainly produced by fermentation of microorganism such as Corynebacterium glutamicum. Lysine is a most important thing to notice amino acid balance in animal feed, since many feedstuffs are low in lysine. Therefore, diets may require lysine supplementation to improve feed efficiency. It plays an important role in improving livestock productivity and reproduction.

Lysine is a ketogenic amino acid which is metabolized through pyruvic acid pathway or intermediate citric acid cycles such as α-ketoglutarate or oxaloacetate. Lysine also has been known as precursors to glucose through gluconeogenesis pathway. A proper balance nutrients between energy and protein would also influence feed consumption, since animal could choose both of those to complete their nutrients requirements. Lysine deficiency would decrease body weight, instead over amino acid would be decreasing animal growth while uric acid are increased. Feeds are Supplemented by Lysine and other amino acid, will reduce crude protein requirements in feed, Improve both carbohydrate and protein efficiency, Reduce Nitrogen excretion, Promotes animal growth, Improve calcium deposition in bones, as well as for improving production and reproduction.

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