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What is Calcium Carbonate?

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Calcium carbonate, also known as CaCO3, is a white and insoluble compound that occurs naturally as marble, chalk, limestone and calcite produced by the sedimentation of the shells of small snails, shellfish, and coral over the years. Due to this, calcium carbonate is known to be a versatile chemical. It contains more than 4% of…

Benefits of Glycerin

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Glycerin, also known as propane-1,2,3-triol, is a colourless and odorless sugar alcohol that is derived either from animal or plant sources resulting in its sweet-tasting characteristic. It is mainly used in the manufacturing of cough syrups, bakery items and beauty products. As glycerin contains more calories than in standard table sugar, it should always be…

Not just your ordinary salt

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Almost half of the world’s industrial salt production is used industrially and in vast fields, resulting in an increasing and more competitive demand for it. There is an abundance of industrial salt around, but finding the right quality and grade in order to achieve optimal processes can be far more challenging despite its abundance. Industrial…

Facts on Acetone

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Acetone is an important solvent in the nail business and is commonly used as a nail polish remover. It is a colourless liquid that is flammable and evaporates easily. It is considered to be a ketone – an organic compound containing a carbonyl group bonded to two hydrocarbon groups. In the case of Acetone, it…

Wax on Food??!

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Paraffin Wax Have ever wondered how food in the supermarket especially apples can remain their shine and smoothness for such a long time. This is because they are protected with a layer of wax, Paraffin wax. Paraffin wax is a soft colourless solid that is obtained from petroleum fractions. They are formed by solvent crystallisation…

Why a chemical banned from soap is still in your toothpaste

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Although FDA effectively banned triclosan from soaps recently, the antibacterial chemical can still be found in Colgate Total toothpaste. Before approving the toothpaste in 1997, FDA requested that the Colgate-Palmolive company conduct toxicology studies. Although FDA effectively banned triclosan from soaps recently, the antibacterial chemical can still be found in Colgate Total toothpaste. Before approving…

Vacuum Distillation

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Vacuum distillation could be a technique of distillation performed beneath reduced pressure. like distillation, this method separates compounds supported variations in boiling points. this method is employed once the boiling purpose of the specified compound is troublesome to realize or can cause the compound to decompose. A reduced pressure decreases the boiling purpose of compounds….

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