Waste water Management in Saudi Arabia

In the 2016 Top Markets Study (TMS), conducted by the U.S. International Trade Administration, Saudi Arabia ranks 6th for overall environmental technologies and it also ranks 5th in the global wastewater treatment market. This highlights the importance of water and wastewater technology in Saudi Arabia’s hot and dry climate. Its 10th Development Plan (2015- 2019)

Diversion of Crude Tall Oil (CTO) as a biofuel feedstock

Biofuel production has long been shrouded with controversy, especially over the appropriateness of its feedstock. One ongoing debate is the usage of edible crops as feedstock that has resulted in unintended consequences such as a rise in food prices. One solution proposed by many is the use of wood-based biomass as biofuel feedstock. However, this

The first surfactant introduced for an environmental cause – LABSA / LAS

Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (LABSA), is the world’s most widely used synthetic detergent surfactant. Its salt, Linear Alkylbenzene Sulfonates (LAS) serves the same purpose. They were developed as a replacement for the previously widely used detergent surfactant, the highly branched Alkylbenzene Sulfonates. LABSA became the first surfactant that was introduced to improve the environment problems

Business Insights of the Dicalcium Phosphate Market

Dicalcium phosphate is another example of leavening agent and a source of calcium enrichment which is widely used in the baking industry. It is also coded as E341 in some food packagings. It is very slow to react and commonly combined with faster reacting leavening agents such as baking soda. During the baking process, it

Choosing between Real and Fake Leather

The demand for leather is always high. A wide versatility of it makes them greatly requested for different applications in life. The high demand, however, makes the leather price high and unaffordable. People then started to crave for a solution that can follow their financial power. Fortunately, with the birth of synthetic leather, this wish

A Peek Into the Ammonium Bicarbonate Market

Previously, we dealt with the sodium bicarbonate compound. For this week’s discussion, the chemical product ammonium bicarbonate will be discussed. Similar to sodium bicarbonate, ammonium carbonate also functions as a raising agent. Ammonium bicarbonate is an ammonia containing salt that decomposes at low temperatures to liberate out ammonia, water and carbon dioxide. It is also

Seeking sustainability for palm chemicals

In previous entries, we analyzed the palm chemical industry and compared palm products (i.e crude palm oil and palm kernel cake) with their respective substitutes. For this entry, we will discuss the sustainability for palm chemicals. As a versatile and low-cost raw material, the thumb-sized palm fruit has created one of the largest emerging economies.

The Market Prospect of Leather Industry

Leather has been around for a very long time and so is the profession of tanner. The evidence can be traced back from ancient literature text such as when Aristotle cites Socrates: “There are four professions to be the fundamentals of the citation of state: The architect, the weaver, the farmer and the tanner”. From

A Peek Into the Sodium Bicarbonate Market

In this week’s post, we will shift from the topic of sweeteners and explicate the role of food chemicals as leavening agents. The scope of discussion for this entry will be on sodium bicarbonate. Leavening agents are also known as raising agents. They generally refer to substances used in doughs and batters that cause a foaming

A Deeper Look inside the Leather Industry

Leather is a material from animal skin or hide that has undergone various physical and chemical processes to make it immune to microbes. The immunity is needed to prevent the microbes from consuming the skin and causing it to rot. The skin itself is subjected to bacteria attack even before the animal is flayed. Due

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