Increasing Demand For Chocolate Outstrips Cocoa Supply

“Money cannot buy happiness. But it can buy chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing.” -Hanako Ishii Chocolates have been a source of happiness for those who consume them because it contains serotonin. Improved serotonin content in our body improves our happiness and livens up our mood accordingly. Have you ever thought about the

Crude Palm Oil price correlation

The first trace of crude palm oil (CPO) in human history dates back to a 3000 BC Egyptian tomb in Abydos during which it was used for food and medicinal purposes. Through the ages, its applications have diversified into uses such as as a machinery lubricant during Britain’s industrial revolution. Recently, it has emerged to

Wastewater Management in India and China

China China is the largest emerging market for environmental technologies, with an overall environmental technologies market that is valued at US$ 27.35 billion in 2012. In the 2015 Top Markets Study, conducted by the U.S. International Trade Administration, China ranks 1st for overall environmental technologies and it also tops the global water treatment market. The

Palm Chemical Industry Analysis

Simple Palm Chemical Industry Analysis The Palm Chemical Industry continues to be shaped and driven by the popularity of palm oil as a low-priced vegetable oil for cooking purposes. Other uses include feedstock for biofuels, cosmetic ingredients and fragrances. Grand View Research study (July 2015) projected the palm oil market to reach USD $88 million

A Global Market Outlook of Effluent Treatment Industry

Effluent is defined by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as wastewater (treated or untreated) that flows out of a treatment plant, sewer, or industrial point source. Generally, effluent refers to wastes discharged into surface waters. The use of large amount of water in a number of industries generate a large quantity of wastewater.

Speciality Chemicals – Elements of Change for the future

Speciality chemicals refer to niche chemicals and polymers which are usually higher up in the value chain as they have unique functions that enhance a product’s performance. They include automotive-related chemicals, which can be used to produce fuel-efficient cars, and agro- chemicals to raise farm efficiency. The outlook for specialty chemicals is also ripe with

Styrene Value Chain

The basic chemical styrene monomer is a clear, colourless, oily liquid that is an essential component of materials like expanded polystyrene foam (EPS), acrylonitrile-butadiene styrene (ABS), styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN), styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), styrene butadiene latex and reinforced fiberglass composites which are used to make thousands of everyday products. Source : World Styrene Supply/Demand Balance, data provided

Importance of chemicals in food industry

” Nothing is more important to humans than food ” Just think about the population of the world growing day by day which is increasing the demand for food. To worsen this case, farm lands have reduced. Further now-a-days people don’t just need food, they need “Quality Food”. This is the point where chemicals have entered the

Retooling Business model- Chemical Trading

Retooling Business model  Even though the requirements of the market for success has changed immensely in recent years, many companies have incurred huge loss due to antiquated business model and go-to-market approach. Majorly for chemical firms, the problem is manifested in overinvestments in speciality chemicals business because it offers differentiation in market and high profit margin

Top 5 Selling Chemicals in Singapore

Ever wondered or curious to find out what are the most popular chemicals in Singapore that is known for its solvent industry? This blog is based on the data provided by Tradeasia International Pte Ltd which is an experienced firm in chemical trading for 13 years. White Spirit  White spirit appears as a clear, colourless liquid. It

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