The Chemicals in Food!

Ingredients have been used in a variety of ways for food such as preservation and improving their taste. Nowadays, people want to enjoy a food supply that is nutritious, tasteful and safe. Especially in the area of safety, there are concerns regarding the additives that have been added into food products as the names of

Are you aware of Indonesian Palm Oil facts?

When it comes to palm oil, the first country that strikes in our mind is Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is the largest exporter of palm oil (immediately followed by Malaysia) along with other products like uncoated paper, soap, coconut oil etc. Palm oil is the most common among the palm products. Top Exporters &

The Chemistry of Paint

The Chemistry of Paint-Chemicals in paint industry Functions of Paints Enhance the quality of natural and synthetic materials and serves as a barrier against harsh environmental conditions Decorative paints:  Improve the appearance and safeguard builings and other objects Industrial coatings: Applied in factories to finish manufactured goods such as cars   Components of Paints Pigments: Provides

Risks in chemical trading that you need to be aware about..!

Once basic requirements for Chemical Trading has been established, it is better to be aware of various chemical trading risks which can broadly be categorized into Market related and company specific risks.   Market Related Risks Political risks Changes in laws and regulations, Eg. Customs regulations, export regulations and other laws and regulations in countries where the company

Chemicals used in Paper Making

Tradeasia supplies good quality chemicals that are used for the pulp and paper industry. This blogs serves to provide the chemicals used in bleaching and chemical pulping, which are the 2 main processes of paper making. Bleaching Chemicals Sodium Chlorate: It is used for the manufacturing of chlorine dioxide for the bleaching of chemical pulp.

Chemicals used in Detergent Manufacturing

We must be very clear about one thing: soaps and detergents are not the same. Both have an entirely different manufacturing process. So the chemicals used in soap manufacturing are different from most of the chemicals used in detergents. We use different types of detergents for cleansing everyday. At some time or the other, we

10 Intricate Details of Chemical Trading

  1) Basic industrial and specialty chemicals can be shipped internationally in containers, barrels or sacks. Chemicals which are toxic, requires a license for trading. 2) Be familiar of terminologies used for chemical trading business. This includes jargons like incoterms, payment terms, port of loading and port of discharge. Incoterms include FOB (Freight on Board), CIF

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