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India’s first machine-made paper was produced in 1812. At that time, there were only 15 mills, producing mainly newsprints. Since then, the Indian paper market has evolved from only newsprints to a diversified and specialized industry that produces many types of papers for various uses. The current India paper industry is growing in such a rapid speed. Coupled with the ever rising demand and job opportunity creation in this industry, the forecasted demand of Indian paper is expected to reach 10 million tons with printing and writing papers accounting for 33 percent of this. Most of the Indian paper mills are privately owned with only a few running under the government of India. Major players are Ballarpur and West Coast Tamil Nadu industry.


Despite covering 15 percent of the world’s population, paper consumption levels stands at a low 3 to 5 percent for India. Poverty and literacy are the factors behind this low level of consumption. However, growing consumerism, rising literacy and the increasing use of documentation will keep demand for writing and printing paper afloat. Though the per capita consumption for the India paper industry is still rather low compared to its peers, demand for paper products in India is expected to rise by 53 percent by 2020 primarily due to a sustained increase in the number of school-going children in rural areas.


From a demand point of view, every incremental in consumption results in additional demand for paper products in India each year. This indicates that there is a lot of room for growth of this industry in India. Besides, policy factors also have a key role to play in the growth of the India paper industry. As mentioned, the Indian government is currently focusing on improving literacy. This will result in increased expansion in organised retail as well as demand for paper products in India.


Paper is an established business and its consumption is being encouraged. What’s heartening is that the industries has continued to grow despite the challenges faced by the India paper industry. Tradeasia provides various chemicals used in the paper industry. Visit us at or contact us at for more information about these products


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