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Ethers and its uses

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Ethers area unit a category of organic compounds that contain associate ether group an chemical element atom connected to 2 alkyl group or aryl teams. they need the overall formula R–O–R′, wherever R and R′ represent the alkyl group or aryl teams. Ethers will once more be classified into 2 varieties: if the alkyl group…

Chemicals used in daily life

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Baking powder (NaHCO3) : Sodium bicarbonate is used for baking for cooking.It releases CO2 in reaction with other ingredients. Soap : Esters are used for bathing and washing clothes. Detergent (Sodium sulphate, sodium hydroxide and phosphatecompounds) : Used for washing clothes. Toothpaste (Calciuym carbonate, sodium flouride) : Used for cleaning teeth while brushing. Salt (NaCl)…

Petrolium Refinning

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Petroleum processing processes square measure the chemical engineering processes and different facilities employed in crude oil refineries (also stated as oil refineries) to rework crude into helpful merchandise like liquefied crude oil gas (LPG), gas or gas, kerosene, jet fuel, diesel fuel and fuel oils. Petroleum refinement processes square measure the chemical engineering processes and…


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Quick lime, chemically known as calcium oxide (CaO), is a commonly used chemical compound. It exists as a white crystalline solid. Quicklime is manufactured from the calcination of limestone which is the thermal decomposition of limestone, which contains calcium carbonate. Calcination of limestone is executed by heating the material to a high temperature of above 825°C….

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