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Importance of bleaching chemicals in global economy

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Bleaching chemicals are oxidizing agents used for numerous applications such as stain removal, disinfecting textile material and water, deodorizing, effluent control etc. Bleaching chemicals finds application in sectors such as textile, pulp & paper processing, water & wastewater treatment, hospitals, laundries etc. Though bleaching chemical is an industrial products, they have gained importance in various…

Why Sodium sulphate is preferred in textile rather than sodium chloride or other replacement possible

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Sodium sulphate plays an important role in reactive dyeing by improving the affinity of the dyestuff towards the fiber, acceleration of the dyestuff’s association and lowering its solubility. The presence of gas particle within the common salt might cause corrosion of the instrumentation. Hence, sulfate is usually most popular over common salt. Sodium sulfate is used…

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